Audi A6 Allroad Quattro C5 (05.2000 – 08.2005)

Audi Allroad c5 model index – all-wheel drive all-terrain.

The most interesting feature of the novelty is the active pneumatic suspension. Automation itself monitors the condition of the road surface and accordingly changes the ground clearance of the car (depending on the speed of movement, this change occurs in steps: at a speed of more than 120 km / h it will be 142 mm, in the range from 80 to 120 km / h the clearance will be 167 mm at a speed of less than 80 km / h, the ground clearance will increase to 192 mm, the maximum clearance of 208 mm will be chosen for low speed travel on a bad road). As well as the four-level air suspension ALLROAD allows the driver himself, by pressing the corresponding button on the dashboard and watching the car’s behavior on the display screen, select a different ride height, increasing it from 142 to 208 mm. For comparison – the BMW X5 has a clearance of 180 mm, and the Mercedes ML – 200 mm, and even the latest Range Rover model exceeds this indicator by only 2 mm. At the same time, Allroad electronically maintains a specific amount of ground clearance regardless of the load on each wheel, i.e. on the number of passengers and the amount of cargo in the car, and thanks to the diaphragm pneumatic elements, a high smoothness of the car is provided. In order to increase traffic safety at ground clearance of 192 and 208 mm, the automatically stabilized body position system will prevent its dangerous roll in bends and longitudinal inclinations during heavy braking. Suspension brackets are assembled on subframes, which are attached to the body through rubber metal supports.

In February 2000, at the Motor Show in Geneva, the model of the first Audi SUV was introduced for the first time, which aims to compete with such models as the Subaru Legacy Qutback, Volvo V70XC and others, including the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML. Allroad SUV model is made on an improved platform Audi A6 Avant.

In general, the exterior design is similar to the design of the five-door wagon Audi A6. Comparing the dimensions, we note that Allroad is 14 mm longer, 42 mm wider and 138 mm higher than the A6 Avant quattro model with a larger 67 mm wheelbase. The body is decorated with polished metal: lining on the lower edges of the doors and panels at the bottom of the bumpers, protecting the plastic from impact. The arches are made in the style of VW Golf first and second generations. Wide tires, wheel arch extender and a more massive bumper with a three-element grille and fog lights give the Allroad a more solid and impressive look. The aggressive protection of the crankcase and rear axle made of corrugated stainless steel, specially exposed to everyone’s view, as well as the aluminum sills on the thresholds leave no chance for those who are off-road.

The interior is also similar to the design of the car Audi A6, the difference lies in the color scheme of the cabin. The control panel is trimmed with plastic, the instruments are equipped with polished rims. Inside, the driver and passengers will feel as comfortable as in the standard A6. According to the creators in the Allroad quattro, five people will feel quite comfortable even on a long journey.

Of course, the car has a permanent drive of all wheels with a central center differential Torsen (locking the cross-axle differentials is simulated by slowing down the skid wheels), disc brakes with ABS and the system of dynamic stabilization of movement EPS. The latter is quite appropriate for a car, the maximum speed of which even with a diesel engine exceeds 200 km / h. Allroad received an additional reduction in the number of gears in the transmission, which significantly increases its traction characteristics in heavy road conditions. Of course, the elements of the Allroad Quattro are good roads, and not a country road at all. However, if necessary, the car can tow a trailer with a full weight of up to 2,300 kg and confidently move along dirt roads.

Audi Allroad is available with two types of engines: a petrol 2.7-liter V6-Biturbo rated at 250 hp, equipped with two turbochargers, and a 2.5-liter V6-TDi turbo diesel engine with direct injection, developing 180 hp. The gearbox has a 5-speed Tiptronic automatic and a 6-speed manual, which can optionally be supplied with a plug-in ‘LOW RANGE’ transmission step. It can be turned on at speeds up to 30 km / h and used for driving at speeds up to 50 km / h. Result: more freedom when driving on terrain with problematic terrain. With a 250 hp engine. the car accelerates to 236 km / h and accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds. Subsequently, probably, Allroad will receive also petrol V8.

Equipped with such perfect units and systems, the Audi Allroad Quattro is able to occupy a worthy place among all-wheel-drive vehicles in the booming European off-road market. Allroad is supposed to be produced in quantities up to 20 thousand per year, which should increase the share of all-wheel drive vehicles produced by the company up to 30%.