As I said, the main sore leak in the engine oil Audi Volkswagen. This is crankcase ventilation. Rather, its complete obstruction. Excessive pressure of the latter without finding a way out inflates the engine from the inside. Naturally pours oil from all the cracks. The weakest points are glands and gaskets with caps and plugs. if you sit down in the salon you smell the smell of oil. To one hundred percent you have clogged the HCV. Smoke will be at the bottom of the heads from the right and from the left and behind the motor shield in the area of ​​wine. This is where the exhaust manifold and turbines are located. Which plentifully watered with oil from gaskets. The fight against simple replacement of the gasket cover provides a temporary effect. What I had after the repair service. Lilo so that smoke ate. And the level went on the eyes. At the same time, everyone made round eyes and said everything new there. By this I had to climb myself. Those who have a car equipped with a post-combustion crankcase gases. I recommend when removing the head cover. First, unscrew the centering studs. It will be much easier and faster to shoot. And so set even more so. And be sure to plug the turbine air duct. Bolts and nars there dive))) Work is not difficult. But it takes time. Cleaning is not difficult and is done in parallel. For all one to disassemble. bourgeois order release tubes with new ones. But we collective farmers normally clean them with chemistry. The same applies to the valve. Your case can be new and buy.)))). Collected brought. Enjoy the lack of smell of oil in the cabin. I was very lucky with the weather doing this procedure in the pouring rain with a thunderstorm)))

Allroad c5 real review from owner

It is believed that the car is not very reliable and hymooric in operation. For this price for these cars start from 1.590 € in the state we start going. 5500 €
in the state of the plant we go fast and yes, and we also crouch up on the pneuma.

Yes. There is this terrible pneumatic suspension. Which so painfully hits the budget of the owners of the roads of all generations including the series q. people shy away from it like an incense from four. What makes it really great for buyers to buy a really chic car at an opel price. Yes, dear readers. If you offer allroad fallen on the belly. Flashing plaintive light bulbs just in oil. And with dead electronics in the cabin for the price of ford sierra. I highly recommend that you read this opus and take this piece yourself. For it can be brought back to life and not as expensive as the existential avtodok vag and other bad uncles tells you))). I have repeatedly exposed the conspiracy of sellers and manufacturers of spare parts. Here, as in the history of the helico there is a bunch of symbolically vivid examples of this very greed. And for this part, we understand a little))).

Well drove. Allroad, as you know, is the usual a6 Audi Quatro Avant with minor design changes. The main difference from the Avant is the air suspension. This is what makes this machine universal. I note that Audi as in the case of the Quatro system. The first to introduce pneuma in a series of passenger cars. What gave rise to a bunch of followers and imitators in its class. The most famous is the Volvo CX 70 and Subaru Outback.

So, as always, where to look and how to determine the next corpse.

The first is not what you need to pay attention to this body. Traces of blows repairs. Usually, I do not really focus on the bodywork. But in our case, the car is aluminum, which already speaks about the brand and quality, but you can quite often meet this with rotten wings. What does this mean? That did not do it qualitatively from forgive slag. And this slag will come out further. Traces of the curve of repair should not be. Especially it concerns power panels. Allroad is designed to drive and on the country road. The load on the torsion there is large. and the owners in any case will force the beaches, fields and gardens))) so that the fighting friends would gasp from the possibilities of the turbo shed.)) Therefore, look and look again.

Then go to the sweet is the motor. He will be in oil a hundred pounds. And it will pop on peregazovki as your first Opel.))). Inside, there will be a constant burning of oil. And in the trunk there will be a canister for topping up. Do not believe? Open and watch. She is there)))). If she is not there and under the road is dry. That oil in the crankcase is already over. What will the level sensor sing to you? How he pisses me off (he died in me))) not to say it in words. It is worth one and a half pieces but you need to change the oil draining. He is also responsible, by the way, for the temperature of the oil itself. The scale on the left is tidy. If she is alive, then in the chain is open. if there is no sensor died)))

Where does the oil go in this wonderful car? And it disappears mainly in two directions. The first and the most probable. These are valve cover gaskets, plastic inserts and plugs. This is something that flows at all. It does not flow only among those who have recently changed it and at the same time cleaned the system vgk (crankcase ventilation). They cost a couple of droplets 40 € and all these corks are another 25 €. But flattery to change their pleasure is still something. I strongly recommend combining this procedure with the replacement of chains and stars. work on the replacement will cost But then we stop rattling the chains and begin to rustle and smell nice.)))) It remains the turbines. Turbine is not a cheap deal, as the whole post will be lower. But let’s say you’re lucky and they are alive. More and more engine oil does not eat good. Before the drip of the turbine, my oil consumption was about 500 grams per 5 thousand km.

Now go and look electronics. Dreadful word is this electronics. Wires relyushki blocks. Horror. But in our case, if nemchura tried. And for each group of consumers their blocks are responsible. By this, troubleshooting is not difficult. In addition, there are typical well-studied sores. For example, the owner filled my car with water. Drainage that is under the hood was filled with foliage bird nests and I have a suspicion that the mice drove there to frolic. And the whole bath was full until the stove was flooded. And the rapid flow rushed right under his feet. To his misfortune, the clever Germans located in the passenger’s feet the electronics control unit of the passenger compartment. the so-called comfort block. He quickly de-energized and knocked out the hatch of glass light and so on. Blinked while emergency gang))))

Gurus from electricians suffered with this problem for a month. What will be the post below. In the end, when the car still came into my hands. We under the beer and with the help of a file returned the electrician to life. As my friend says. Electronics is the science of contacts. What I was able to repeatedly verify in the future.

On the transmission to tell especially what. A standard set of boxes that audi. They say that the machine they are not successful. But I have a pen. And besides the traditional in my case sticking reverse gear. (contagious from gels). Nothing more I will not write. Check unless you mate. For hero riders loved to burn it. In my case, the pilot burned it regularly. And all complained about the weakness of the node. I believed him of course. Until I saw how he goes. He had two positions on and off. On my ford st for example, the native lives already 160 thousand. And no matter how his wife does not wear out his heels. On audi think the stock will be more Bole.

Well, here we come to the pneuma.

The car has a classic air suspension. Namely racks with pneumatic cylinders. And the control system through sensors and the brain. The whole economy pumps the compressor and distributes the valve block.

The worst thing about it is component prices. The original Strut assembly stands as a cast-iron bridge. rubles 700 € probably for a piece. . Not the original is in discord. Arnot stands were € 200 plus pillows of € 300 each. With prices now canoe for this all approximately. There are options for more restored components. You create your torn cylinder and you are given a restored one. The price was 100 € with an exchange of 150 € without. The essence of the event is simple. You pereprasovayut sleeve on your same air cylinder. The sleeve itself costs from 70 € the rest is work. Now strut assembly. Strut assembly the original is the good old bilstein. Under the original number. The cost is crazy. same arnot This is a universal shock absorber of unknown brand in the glass under the pneuma. Naturally poison balon and the current shock absorber immediately impose despondency of the owner. For the grandmother, he got an adult. As a rule, people drive to the last to kill the compressor. Try miracle means. Filling sealants for tires for crazy money. when I saw it on the specialized forums I thought. Here it is dudes really rise. )))) Without a sucker, life is bad. ))) At the same time on audi forums this is even fixed in the phage. In general, preying on the misfortunes of the monsters become even a good tradition. Criticism is hard and then banned. Well, business is business. But the more we know, the easier it will be for us. Some technical solutions I will try on myself. And maybe we will make something to order for people for normal money. Life will show. For those who saw the allroad on the belly and there is no money to rise yet. Put on the springs. The procedure is not complicated. I will single out a list of spare parts and options with numbers in a separate post. The budget is small in the analysis of the whole set can be bought for 200 €. And then we reach the  pneumatic suspension.

To be continued….