Allroad c5 Wiring….

When in the car, especially in quality initially, something does not work. Or closes or burns. Do not rush to find fault with the brand itself. In 90 percent of cases there is a human factor. The factor is usually a crookedly set signaling. Curved wizards. Or any kind of improvement. In the old Germans wiring done for ages. Isolation from Mercedes or Audi I use in new cars. And even twenty, she looks and works better. Who disassembled when either a plug from a Mercedes or Audi. (Bmw did not do long). He understands. What is quality. What you use in crafts of the modern automotive industry. This is not even a likeness called.

It was a pleasant sunny day. Not that did not foresee trouble. and we rushed out of town. After passing some time decided to buy ice cream. have stopped. And within an hour the car did not start. Despite any manipulation. A friend was called as a lifeguard. But literally before his arrival. The car still came to life. The truth is exactly ten minutes. Then felt a noticeable smell of burning. The source could not be established. And we rolled on a tie. After opening and long searches. such a malfunction was discovered. See photo. Where a twist is clearly visible which has already melted the wiring around. We already really burned. At least they tried. From here conclusion. All that you put in the services. All these newfangled pribludy. This only increases the risk of malfunctions and fires. Because everything is done carelessly. To the safety of the car is irrelevant. And add problems.

As it was said, the non-cleaned drainage under the hood leads to the flooding of the entire engine compartment, including the interior. Water flows through the ducts of the stove in a torrential stream to your feet and carpets. And dead electrician salon. First of all, first remove the terminal from the battery and take a plunger (joke) and punch a hole in the drainage. Then we disassemble the threshold from the driver and take out the box out .. Dry mats and wires. And the block itself will look like this. (See photo). As a rule, the terminal is oxidized and plus it just burns out. In the service they will charge you 6 rubles per unit B. used. yes even prescribe it. All you need to do is to dry out and solder the wire to a plus. it is possible to process even to a heap a varnish for contacts. And seal the box block sealant. And collect all this back.

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