As I said, the main sore leak in the engine oil Audi Volkswagen. This is crankcase ventilation. Rather, its complete obstruction. Excessive pressure of the latter without finding a way out inflates the engine from the inside. Naturally pours oil from all the cracks. The weakest points are glands and gaskets with caps and plugs. if you sit down in the salon you smell the smell of oil. To one hundred percent you have clogged the HCV. Smoke will be at the bottom of the heads from the right and from the left and behind the motor shield in the area of ​​wine. This is where the exhaust manifold and turbines are located. Which plentifully watered with oil from gaskets. The fight against simple replacement of the gasket cover provides a temporary effect. What I had after the repair service. Lilo so that smoke ate. And the level went on the eyes. At the same time, everyone made round eyes and said everything new there. By this I had to climb myself. Those who have a car equipped with a post-combustion crankcase gases. I recommend when removing the head cover. First, unscrew the centering studs. It will be much easier and faster to shoot. And so set even more so. And be sure to plug the turbine air duct. Bolts and nars there dive))) Work is not difficult. But it takes time. Cleaning is not difficult and is done in parallel. For all one to disassemble. bourgeois order release tubes with new ones. But we collective farmers normally clean them with chemistry. The same applies to the valve. Your case can be new and buy.)))). Collected brought. Enjoy the lack of smell of oil in the cabin. I was very lucky with the weather doing this procedure in the pouring rain with a thunderstorm)))

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